RES Electronic & Computing Technology Special Interest Group

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

19th March 2015

Links to downloadable/viewable pdf's of all of all presentations & posters which appeared at the meeting are provided below.

Using social media tools to advertise the SIG means that we have been able to reach a very large on-line audience - and it has brought the SIG to the attention of the media including the BBC and UK newspapers including The Daily Mirror and The Daily Mail . Material presented at the SIG was also featured in the in April 2015 issue of E&T magazine and also in a number of blogs. The bumblebee tracking was also featured recently in the Digital Human program on BBC Radio 4.


  • Toshiyuki Nakata

    Patterns of behaviour and the fluid dynamics of insect flight
  • Nathan Phillips

    Using robotics to understand insect flight, and insects to inform robotics
  • Richard Gill

    Using Technology to understand the impact of environmental stressors on bees
  • Sarah Barlow

    New technologies for monitoring insect behaviour in situ
  • Steve Bachman

    Utilising a smart phone app and a citizen science platform to scale up biodiversity discovery: A case study for iNaturalist in Madagascar
  • Justin Moat

    Application of UAV's and LiDAR for mapping and modelling of ecosystems: Examples from Peru

  • Posters

  • Elizabeth Donkin

    An agent based model to simulate insect herbivore behaviour in genetically diverse crops
  • Laura Fagan

    MyPestGuide: The BEST Biosecurity Engagement and Surveillance Tool
  • Daniel Reed

    Using Rana to Investigate Pollinator Behaviour
  • Martin Hall

    Automated identification of Old World screwworm fly populations from wing images
  • Diana Percy

    Assessing the utility of wing morphometric variation for research and insect identification
  • Royal Veterinary College

    Additional posters from The Royal Veterinary College